• IT Applications and sub-systems
  • Operational Management and implementation
  • Special projects and project management
  • Website design and development





What we do really well…

  • Project management for special projects, often utilizing once-off customized software to ensure delivery of outcomes
  • Designing, building, implementing and managing administrative and operational processes, procedures and practices
  • Designing, building, implementing and managing custom-made, cost effective IT systems and sub-systems for growth stage business enterprises
  • Integration and bridging (direct or in-direct) between our applications and enterprise type solutions, especially synchronization, balancing, reconciliation and resolution between finance orientated platforms
  • Designing, building and implementing cost effective prototype, rapid-deployment systems and processes for new business ventures
  • Collection, preparation, scrubbing, structuring and verification of data, data analysis and reporting services
  • Data Collection and filtering and for Integration into strategic platforms
  • Cost effective and controlled import and export mechanisms for transfer of data between systems
  • Training programs in Office desktop products, including customized on-site sessions for senior executives
  • Production of Training and process documentation videos for business enterprises